John Cena’s European Tour Status

John Cena, who is currently nursing an arm injury after undergoing surgery to remove bone chips from his elbow on Sept. 18, tweeted Thursday on whether he will take part in WWE’s tour of Europe kicking off Oct. 31 in Strasbourg, France.

“And to all the @wwe folk wondering if I am traveling with #raw to Europe, I most certainly AM. See u there!” he wrote.

Raw Results 10/16/12


Decision time, take two: With the fate of WWE Champion CM Punk left to the discretion of Mr. McMahon, which route did The Chairman choose for his champion in the place where rivalries are settled once and for all?

Well, the answer, as turned out, was not what anyone could have expected. But we’re getting to that.

The contract signing for Hell in a Cell started off somewhat typically, with champion and challenger(s) staring daggers at each other over while The Chairman began to address the assembled Superstars. Punk cut The Boss off, though, before he could even begin, putting pen to the paper and declaring that what would be would be. “I will do to [Cena or Ryback] what I did to you. I will break them,” Punk vowed with vigor. This brought out the fire in Cena, who demeaned Punk yet again before making a decision that left all parties speechless: Cena demurred.

Because, as Cena himself said, while Ryback may or may not care about the WWE Title, what Big Hungry does care about is “kicking ass.” And more than anything, Cena’s message to Punk was: “You need to get your ass kicked.” It was then that Cena painted a picture of Punk’s future, and it was a highly unpleasant one filled with unrest and terror as the WWE Champion spent his waking days and sleepless nights haunted by three simple words: “Feed Me More.”

With the ramifications of the night becoming clear, Punk looked on in horror while Cena led the WWE Universe in Ryback’s chant and Big Hungry put his name to the legalese, solidifying the match and his new status as the No. 1 contender to the WWE Championship. Punk’s attempt to intimidate the big man proved fruitless at best, with Ryback unceremoniously pounded Punk’s head against the table and Shell Shocked him for good measure. Cena’s prediction showed early signs of coming true: As Raw faded to black and the main event of Hell in a Cell was set, the WWE Champion found himself prone on the mat and surrounded on all sides by those three magic words.

John Cena’s Elbow Healing Slower Than Expected & His Potential Role At HIAC

John Cena was in New York City last night at the 10th Annual 2012 IMG Sports Marketing Symposium at the Crowne Plaza Hotel. He was there representing WWE and spoke about the importance of social media and fan interaction.

- John Cena’s surgically repaired elbow is recovering slower than expected, according to After returning to RAW on Monday, he’s now back on television full time.

If Cena is unable to wrestle CM Punk at Hell in a Cell, it’s been discussed that he could could be the guest referee of Punk vs. Ryback.

CM Punk’s matches with Ryback that are taking place at this weekend’s WWE live events would be a run-through of what their Hell in a Cell match would be.

John Cena To Be NY Jets’ Team Captain & More

John Cena will be the honorary team captain for the NFL’s New York Jets this Sunday when they play the Indianapolis Colts at MetLife Stadium (home of WrestleMania 29). Cena is still rehabbing his elbow injury and won’t be appearing at this weekend’s WWE live events.

- Speaking of Cena, has an article up explaining the black “Kinesio Tape” we saw on his elbow on RAW. Chris Arrigo of Advanced Rehabilitation told WWE:

“It basically does two or three main things. It helps reduce pain … eliminate swelling under the skin and helps support the muscles and joints for improved, pain-free movement. The tape lifts the skin to promote the flow of lymphatic fluid, which helps reduce associated swelling.”

Raw Results 10/8/12


SACRAMENTO, Calif. – True to his word, John Cena was in the house for Monday Night Raw in Sacramento, making his first Monday night appearance in two weeks sans sling (but sporting some intricate-looking recovery strips on his injured arm) to address the WWE Universe. And, seemingly re-invigorated by his return to Raw, the Cenation leader gave a rousing speech that was ebullient even for him, including an alternate name for Team Hell No and (to the delight of the California crowd), a proposition to Raw General Manager AJ Lee: a date at In-N-Out Burger. But when it came to the matter of CM Punk, Cena was all business and the trademark smile faded away as he repeated his solemn vow to the WWE Universe: one arm, two arms, injured or not, the Cenation leader would make his way to Hell in a Cell to challenge for the WWE Title. As a final appeal to The Second City Saint, Cena bellowed, “don’t be a punk: agree to face me and define your legacy at Hell in a Cell!”

All that would have been enough for the WWE Universe, but the assembled crowd got an extra treat when Ryback made his presence known, thundering down to the ring for his match, though not before sharing a moment of mutual respect with the Cenation leader.

John Cena guest stars on ‘Live with Kelly and Michael’

NEW YORK – WWE Universe, don’t miss John Cena on “Live with Kelly and Michael” Monday! The WWE Superstar, who is recovering from elbow surgery, joins the syndicated morning talk show to talk about WWE’s partnership with Susan G. Komen for the Cure. (WATCH CENA’S TOUT)

“It’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month, so that’s what Susan G. Komen for the Cure is all about,” Cena said. “It’s something we have to find a cure for. I’m just happy to be doing it. It is a great opportunity to spread the message.” (MORE ON WWE & KOMEN)

Cena expressed the importance of all WWE Superstars, himself included, taking time out of their busy schedules to spread goodwill to the WWE Universe and beyond.

“There are a million charities out there and we all have the ones that we’re loyal to,” he told “I have expressed my love for Make-A-Wish multiple times. The concept of the charity is amazing.” (MORE ON CENA & MAKE-A-WISH)

“Being personally affected by cancer in more than one instance — this thing needed to happen, for me,” he said of the Komen partnership. “I’m glad WWE embraced it. I’m glad Susan G. Komen embraced it. It’s fun to be in that position where you can use your voice to send the message and it’s amazing that people will listen.”

Kelly Ripa and Michael Strahan have a few surprises for Cena on Monday’s show, too. They’ll reveal their own signature finishing moves and even taunt WWE Champion CM Punk.

“In a little bit of a different approach, which surprised the hosts, I tried to be as calm as possible and let them be WWE Superstars,” Cena said. “I think they both could have a career in the ring if they decided.”

Surprisingly, the topic of Super Bowl XLII won’t arise on Monday’s episode. Cena is a diehard New England Patriots fan and the Massachusetts-based team lost Super Bowl XLII to the New York Giants in 2008, when Strahan played defensive end.

“I think the best situation there is just not to bring it up,” Cena joked. “I think if we had enough time, it probably would have gone sour.”

“Hopefully I’ll be back for WrestleMania 29 in Met Life Stadium. I’ll be able to be a little more physical and we can see who the better man really is. Maybe that’s a throw down I’m putting out there right now,” he said, challenging the former NFL player.

“He can throw it back at me, it’s all right,” Cena said. “Or if he wants to take it, he can take it. Sooner or later that conversation is going to come up and I’m going to be ‘Captain Sour Grapes.’ I just hope he doesn’t throw a Super Bowl ring in my face.”

Tune in to see Cena on “Live with Kelly and Michael” Monday. Check your local listings. For more on “Live,” visit Follow the show on Twitter @KellyandMichael, on Facebook: and Tout:

John Cena Says He’ll Be At Raw On Monday

John Cena confirmed Friday via Twitter that he will be at Monday’s Raw in Sacramento, California, despite recovering from surgery to remove bone chips in his elbow two weeks ago.

“Still not medically cleared but @wwe @CMPunk I WILL be at #raw THIS MONDAY in Sacramento #nevergiveup #riseabovecancer,” he wrote.

Cena also responded to a request to appear on The Ellen DeGeneres Show to spread breast cancer awareness: “Hey @TheEllenShow as long as it’s not Monday. I’m going to Sacramento for #RAW.”